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Grow Schools
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Grow Schools (formerly Charter School Capital) helps 900+ schools and 3+ million kids thrive through money, resources, and know-how. After 17 years, the brand was ready to enter a new chapter.
As schools needs change, so does the support Grow Schools provides. Grow Schools needed an identity and website that aligned with its evolving services, values, and mission.
Traditionally, Grow Schools was seen as a capital company. By humanizing the brand and creating moments of empathy, Grow Schools could evolve into a more heart-centered brand.
We crafted a logo that captures the heart of Grow Schools’ mission, and an immersive website tailored to the audiences Grow Schools serves.

from the ground up

Grow Schools had a new name, but needed the visual identity to go with it. Our partnership began with a deep dive to understand how Grow Schools wanted its new brand to look and feel.

The selected logo’s subtle sprout is a nod to growth — a reflection of the company name and the value Grow Schools provides to schools, educators, and students.

putting people first

Grow Schools came to the table with clearly defined audiences, and proven messages for those audiences. The new website puts both front and center — a balance of empathy and outcomes.

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Architecting by archetype

An audience-driven information architecture prioritizes the people Grow Schools serves. It also elevates previously underserved audiences, which resulted in new leads just days after launch.

Showing impact

Users don’t need to navigate far to understand the value Grow Schools provides. Contextual, data-driven stories and callouts are sprinkled throughout pages to help communicate quantifiable impact.

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Within the first week of launch, Grow Schools saw significant improvements to lead generation and overall website performance.

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The success of this project is just the beginning of our partnership with Grow Schools. The more we measure brand and website performance, the more we refine and iterate — so Grow Schools can better help schools get where they’re going.

Project Credits
Sarah Kostyal
Andrew Charney
Madeline Pellman
Heather Heigel
Andrew Brown
Jaclyn Sands