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Making a memorable mark

The Writers Bureaux
Brand & Identity
Design System
Imagine a writers-only version of Working Not Working. That’s The Writers Bureaux. To break into the market, they needed a brand as unique as the business model itself — an identity that would immediately set this collective of writers apart.
The Writers Bureaux needed an identity that would put them on the map, leave a mark, and attract Fortune 1000 clients.
To develop a full identity system that could flex, giving each writer and team their own spin while maintaining brand consistency.
We created a variety of concepts before landing on an identity system that is whimsical, professional, and adaptable.

first impressions

Much like The Writers Bureaux’s ability to assemble the right teams for the right projects, we crafted logo concepts that delivered just the right amount of personality. The final selection was a hand-illustrated mark that quickly won the team over.

Writers Bureaux business card designs
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Text that says "always do the write thing"
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in the wild

We developed a full identity system for rollout. We accounted for multiple variations and applications, giving The Writers Bureaux the freedom to express creativity without breaking the brand.

Three Writers Bureaux Instagram postsPerson wearing Writers Bureaux logo on sweatshirtWriters Bureaux sticker on laptop
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The Writers Bureaux logo is instantly recognizable. The kind you want to wear on a t-shirt or tote.

Writers Bureaux Instagram grid
Writers Bureaux logo on stickersWriters Bureaux logo on t-shirt
Writers Bureaux logo on tapeWriters Bureaux logo on tote bag
Writers Bureaux logo sticker on laptop
Project Credits
Sarah Kostyal
Andrew Brown
Samantha Polizzi